As a part of our teaching approach at WeMind, we are in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS, 2014)–2.

We emphasise the seven areas of learning to Early Years (EYFS) by custom-made activities based on children’s development and ability. Children participate in different activities in small groups, it is important for your child to feel the personalized attention. Children engage in:

· Mental well-being activities

· Messy play

· Circle-time

· Stories

· Puppet shows and drama

· Computing

· Art

· Yoga/creative dance & music lessons

· Painting

· Sport activities

· Fun cooking activities

· Gardening & outdoor play

· Spanish time

Mental Well-being Activities

As part of our daily routine we take the children out to the garden regardless of the weather, also we take the children to local parks and exciting outings. We feel it is extremely important for the children’s mental well-being to provide opportunities for children to take part in outings so they can further develop their knowledge. Most of these outings are linked with the planning at the Learning Centre. We do ask for open-ended permission on the initial Registration Form to take the children out on outings although when we arrange an outing outside of the usual local walk to the park or market, then we always ask for permission from the parents as and when they occur.