“The child has a hundred languages, a hundred thoughts, and a hundred ways of thinking of playing, of speaking”

Loris Maraguzzi

At WeMind, we truly believe that successful education involves seeing each child as a unique and whole human being developed holistically. Providing children with the right environment, resources, multisensory learning, and positive relationships will help them to grow up with a sense of pride, trust and love within themselves.

As a mother and an experienced teacher, I strongly believe in creating personalized learning journeys based on the children’s strengths and abilities. Discovering their interest can instantly establish the right learning style and adjust the playful learning to their stages of development.


Education should not be static…

Educational trends in the 21st century are helping us to see the world from a different angle and to realize the recent shift from static to something more dynamic. Approaches might vary, such as Remote Learning, Home Schooling, Montessori, Emilia Reggio, or Forest school teaching, but what really matters is how we adjust and adapt to new situations and environments with confidence and resilience.

WeMind children will be encouraged to direct their own learning and follow their interests.

WeMind children will be encouraged to find out and develop their inner strengths and abilities through individual curricular activities.

WeMind children will be encouraged to learn outdoors using natural resources.

WeMind children will be taught to take care of one another with warm-Kidness.