Love through Education


As a former Pre-School Manager and qualified Artistic Educator, Paola has a real vision on how to provide early year’s education in a different way. She has been a passionate Early Years Educator since she has graduated in 2008, and her willingness to challenge the status quo followed her through her professional career.

In addition to her pre-school background, in the last three years Paola ran her music classes in Wimbledon & Earlsfield, which allowed her to identify areas within the educational system that could support the parents and even the community.

Providing a spacious home environment will serve as a familiar base for the children to be themselves. More importantly, attracting the right teachers for the project – who share the same passion for education – is essential to successfully translate our mindset.

Knowing Paola, it is easy to see how she is able to transfer her passion and charisma into her teaching. Being able to inspire the next generation through love through education is what made WeMind born.

Paola was born in Bogota, Colombia, and spent her childhood in Latin America. Having the gift of speaking other languages is something she has in common with her husband Istvan, and their son Benjamin, after settling down in Wimbledon 8 years ago.