Learning Centre

A Learning Centre always has a strong emphasis on education, and that is exactly how we define ourselves at WeMind.

We create a fluid individual educational journey for each child, by tapping into multiple areas to stimulate their learning from the moment they join us. 

We use a variety of multisensory learning methods, such as music, dance, movement, and a foreign language that will be introduced into their weekly routine.

Children will have the freedom to experience new things in a warm home environment, with plenty of one-to-one time with their carer to determine the right tools to support their learning and boost their confidence.

Implementing an experience – learning through play – activities, where children are constantly encouraged to explore their personality and the world around them. Based on the child’s choices during those activities, individual development paths will be identified. By consciously keeping the size of the setting small, will help to maintain children’s progression rate at their own pace.

Teaching without “Love” has no real power, hence why we believe educating children from the bottom of our heart is the only way at WeMind. Being the right example by showing love and passion for what we do is the foundation of our Learning Centre.