Teaching Approach



At WeMind we believe it is vital to encourage children from the early ages to discover their personality and begin to build a strong bond within themselves. Creating that foundation will allow them to confidently reach out, and connect to the outside world at a later stage. Connections will determine the quality of their relationships not just with others but with themselves, also will play an integral part in their mental wellbeing. Appreciating their inner self will allow them to develop empathy, care and love naturally.



WeMind is set in a safe and nurturing home environment that provides young children the opportunity to be the creators of their own journey. Throughout the day, WeMind children are encouraged to express themselves and make their own choices with all the right tools provided by professional educators. Allowing children to be independent will contribute to develop different life skills, self-discipline and self-trust. The new generation of children should be allowed to be ready for the real life!



“The mind of a 5-year-old represents, in one sense, the height of creative powers”. Creativity is the heartbeat of everything we do at WeMind. Throughout artistic activities (music, dance, drama) we intend to stimulate their brain, which will promote their problem-solving skills, and substantially reduces anxiety and stress. Children are playful, curious, and intrigued by whatever experiences they encounter. However, creativity isn’t the sole dominion of artists and geniuses.



Research shows, that exposing children to another language can strengthen the executive function of their brain. Learning a language is not just about grammar and sets of words, but the exciting possibility to learn about another culture. In a word that constantly changing early year’s stimulation to another language will open doors and possibilities later in their lives. It is truly a gift.